The Winning Attitude

“What we do is important. But it’s how we think that really determines what we achieve. The people that really understand the power of a winning attitude will always achieve more, regardless of what they were given to start with.” – Paul du Toit, CSP.

The Winning Attitude provides a blueprint for sustained success and teaches us how to motivate those around us to do the same. It shows why most of us do not realise our dreams and what we need to do in order to achieve them

“A belated thank you for the recent WINNING ATTITUDE seminar you presented for our Finance/IT teams. Feedback has been extremely positive and there is far more oomph in a lot of people! Thank you for helping them unleash their positives!”
– Laura Nel, Manager Human Resources/Corporate Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Consumer (Pty) Ltd

Businessman Crossing the Finish Line --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Businessman Crossing the Finish Line — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

In this blockbuster inspiring, practical and hard hitting keynote, Paul provides the practical tools for achievement in all areas of your life and convinces individuals that it is in their power to change almost anything.

In this talk, Paul speaks about :

  • that one thing that leads to personal vitality and freedom,
  • the steps necessary to challenge and evaluate your own belief system
  • the power of guiding values and personal mission
  • the advantage of reconditioning your system for success on your own terms
  • the mistakes to avoid in breaking out of destructive habits
  • how to harness the tides of change constructively
  • the beliefs we need to hold about ourselves to facilitate change
  • setting your attitude daily to grasp the juice out of every day
  • the rewards of giving
  • the secret of perseverance, and a strategy for overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles
  • a master game plan for sustainable success