Relationship Selling

The most successful businesses can attract and retain a significant segment of repeat business. This involves attracting customers, and then knowing how to retain those customers for extended periods – preferably forever. It also involves upselling to and growing with customers. Consequently, the business must be constructed in such a way that every customer touch point becomes an experience designed to strengthen your customers emotional bond to your business.

Advanced-Selling-Skills-picThe first crucial stage of the process is Relationship Selling, where sales personnel and key account managers understand and live the behaviours that will attract and set up long term customer relationships. It also involves educating every member of staff who interface with customers why their individual roles are crucial in sustaining relationships.

This talk addresses the following 7 key points:

  1. The customer Perception Ladder
  2. Prospecting
  3. Sales Psychology – The reasons people buy & keep buying
  4. How to upsell – converting customers into raving fans
  5. Divided loyalties: Ham in the sandwich?
  6. The principle of adding (and not subtracting) value
  7. Sales Methodology: The Relationship Selling Cycle

Available as a one hour to full morning session.