Exceptional Customer Service

Marketing attracts customers. Selling gets customers to choose. Customer service keeps your customer and ensures profitability.

“I invested 13 years researching and understanding customer behaviour and psychology. I’ve spent the next 20 years sharing those insights with my customers. Exceptional service remains the most effective and inexpensive way to lock in long-term customer loyalty and the profits that come with it. After all, our customers are the only reason we remain in business!”
– Paul du Toit, CSP, Global Speaking Fellow and Customer Service Speaker


Talk 1. Great Service is Profitable. 

For some time business has been missing a trick. We’re not always paying enough attention to the folk that paid last month’s bills – our existing customers. We’re hoping that they’ll pay next month’s bills too, but they won’t. Unless we start doing more to make them feel valued. If they don’t feel valued, they leave us. That’s very ostly. But if we make our customers feel special they’ll keep coming back to us time and time again, and won’t need to keep shopping around. They may bring their friends too.


Our marketing and sales efforts are important – they bring us new customers. Our customer service efforts are profitable – they keep the customers we already have and ensure we don’t lose them. How do we do that? In this talk I will reveal to you .

  • customer experience in the context of the sales cycle
  • the key to consistency in service
  • surprising insight into customer perceptions
  • why great service is more critical than ever right now
  • why you should understand the two sides of the coin
  • the 7 steps to ensure your customers become addicted to you
  • why you can’t afford not to deliver exceptional service today
  • why it’s unbelievably profitable to be consistently customer centric
  • how to get your customers talking to their friends about your business

Talk 2. Mind Blowing Customer Service

…addresses the following key customer service principles: understanding customer emotions and establishing client trust, avoiding assumptions and taking responsibility, the value of complainers and good recovery, as well as the mysterious principle of the forgotten customer…

Mind Blowing Customer Service addresses the following crucial factors that determine customer loyalty:

  • The two sides of the coin
  • The role of trust in ongoing loyalty
  • The perception ladder
  • The customer loss misconception
  • Three keys to locking in your customers
  • The true value of the complainer
  • The 10 customer excellence imperatives
  • The foundation of a service excellence culture: great attitudes, cheerfulnes and enthusiasm.
  • How to build long term customer relationships

Talk 3: Leading for Customer Excellence

(Director/Manager level)

In Leading for Customer Excellence, a morning workshop session for directors, leaders and managers, the following management principles are added:

  • How to manage customer care in an organisation
  • The role of leadership in a customer orientated company
  • How “knee-jerk” solutions compromise and even sink businesses, and how to avoid them.
  • How balancing the personality style quadrant promotes the ideal framework for success
  • The Customer Chain – establishing consistency for long term profitbility.
  • A customer focussed culture strategy for key customer retention