In For The Long Run

Paul running a sub 4 hour in the Cape Town city marathon in 2014.

Paul running a sub 4 hour in the Cape Town city marathon in 2014.

Paul du Toit ran his first of over 70 marathons at age 46. He has since completed the Two Oceans 56km ultra marathon 12 times, his last 5 runs being on average 20 minutes quicker than his first 7. He has “back to back medals” for the world famous 87km / 89km Comrades marathon having completed the “up” run in 2013 and the “down” run in 2014. He successfully completed his 3rd Comrades in 2017.

Distance runners typically prepare many months ahead for ultra-marathons. Along the way there are invariably setbacks, injuries, time constraints and difficulties to overcome. They need to look after their health to ensure they’re not sick on race day. They work around business schedules, often rising when most folk are asleep for their long training runs. Runners cross the start line with a race plan, but there is always a substantial distance, many hours, plenty of sweat and both mental and physical fatigue before the finish line looms.

In his new talk “In For The Long Run” Paul uses vivid analogies drawn from personal experience showing how the character building lessons learned from long distance running can be applied directly to achieving strategic goals, perseverance and personal success in business.

9  Key Points:

  1. Unwavering commitment to the goal
  2. Pacing your training and planning your campaign
  3. Psychological preparation
  4. Dealing with setbacks
  5. Start steady to end strong
  6. Taking control on the day
  7. Helping others along the way
  8. Staying cheerful
  9. Closing out the race

This talk is suitable for teams grappling with demanding projects and aiming for stretch targets, and individuals setting challenging personal goals.