7 Steps to Mindset Shift

If everything is going fine according to everyone, then hey, why change? But when you have identified that change is needed, a firm decision is required followed by a change in mindset. Here are 7 steps to initiate Mindset Shift – plus a powerful bonus point.PdT-caricature


  1. Remember who you are and where you came from. Change can only start when you have a starting point. You are an accumulation of everything you have experienced until now. To commence mindset shift, you must acknowledge where you find yourself now. Every race needs a starting line, as does any endeavour.
  2. Focus intently on past success. Your self-belief is grounded firmly in the accumulation of your past successes. Your milestones become your benchmarks.
  3. Let go of past mistakes. Hopefully you learned from things that went wrong in your past. There’s no point in beating yourself up over them. Forgive yourself, let go and move on. By constantly reminding yourself of your mistakes, you ground your subconscious mind in negativity and restrict your progress.
  4. Discard bad habits. A bad habit is something you do repeatedly that does not serve you. Some examples may be perpetual lateness, drinking, eating too much, sugar addiction, smoking, swearing – the list is endless.
  5. Assess your attitude. What kind of day you’re going to have today is your decision. Good and bad things will happen – that’s life. Your attitude will determine how good, how bad and how others respond to you. Who knows, your great attitude could change someone else’s day!
  6. Find your real reason. Getting up in the morning is bleak if you don’t know why – particularly on a Monday! People with mission and purpose have more charisma, are taken more seriously and are more successful. What is your reason for living each day?
  7. Reframe negatives. There is some stuff that you can’t change, and there’s stuff you can. It’s best to change the one’s you can and reframe the negatives so that they don’t look or feel so bad. The rain can either wet your shoes or nourish the garden – your choice.


Bonus point: Vividly imagine what you want. No-one ever achieved anything without imagining what it would be like to achieve it, without picturing it in your imagination. Your imagination differentiates you from the animal kingdom. It is there to serve you. Use it!

Ciao – Paul du Toit, CSP (Mindset Shifter)

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